Asia Fuji Changlin Elevator (Xinyu) Co., Ltd. is a joint venture which set up by Asia Fuji Changlin Elevator (HK) Co., Ltd. and Changlin Elevator Co., Ltd.

 Asia Fuji Changlin Elevator (HK) Co., Ltd is the business partner of Japan Fuji Elevator Ltd in Asia, which is the specialized organization that in full charge of the product studied, the market expanded and after-sale service of “Fuji Elevator” in Asia area and China mainland. Jiangxi Changlin Elevator Co., Ltd. subordinate a large Military enterprise—Jiangxi Xinda Changlin Machinery Co., Ltd. which have more than twenty years elevator produce experience, it has excellent equipment and standard management. Asia Fuji Changlin Elevator (Xinyu) Co., Ltd. as the only joint venture in China mainland by Japan authorized, produce “Asia Fuji Changlin” brand elevator series products with Japan advanced elevator control technology and originally parts. It pass ISO9001 Quality Management System, and has a higher-level manufacturing licenses and A-level installation, alteration, repair permits in domestic industry.It is the provincial high-tech, famous trademark and famous brand enterprises, and Is also the province of good faith demonstration enterprise, the provincial re-credit, keep the contract AAA level enterprise.

 Asia Fuji Changlin Elevator (Xinyu) Co., Ltd stick to the design polity of “Humanist and pursuit remarkably”. Offering to the customers with advanced technology, high quality and humanized products is our pursuit target for permanently.

 Asia Fuji Changlin Elevator (Xinyu) Co., Ltd wants to develop with you hand in hand!



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